Staphylea holocarpa “Rosea”

IMG_0673 (2)The great thing about visiting gardens is meeting plants that are unfamiliar to you.  It may indeed be your first encounter or you may have forgotten the previous occasion, either is quite feasible.  This Staphylea holocarpa “Rosea” was one such tree.  It is hard to believe I could possibly have forgotten such a beauty!

10 thoughts on “Staphylea holocarpa “Rosea”

  1. It is so pretty. Funnily enough I was struck by a wonderful Staphylea yesterday. It was Staphylea colchica growing in the garden of E A Bowles; Myddleton House at Enfield.


  2. Oooo, that is lovely Gill. You have just identified a plant I have been trying for years to identify. It grows on the little green at Highbury Corner and always flowers about now. I had no idea what it was …. until now 🙂


    • And for the last 2 days we have been back to wet and miserable. The gardens do need it though but I was hoping to get out into mine this weekend. Never mind I am sure it will appreciate the rain more than my tinkering!

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  3. We visited Cambridge Botanic Gardens a couple of weeks ago and they had a beautiful Staphylea holocarpa ‘Rosea’, that my first encounter.


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