Just Visiting – Again

IMG_3719Such a visit to Tapeley Park today!  In short it involved, amongst many other things:

Woodland walks, damselflies, chocolate brownies, lakes, putti, watsonia, a ice-house, ginormous cedars, fleabane, rudd, peonies, entwining dragons, a currrrrrrving glasshouse, white foxgloves,  bantams, peonies, topiary, raspberries, angelica, a falling grotto, flowering sage, self seeded poppies, goliath sweet chesnuts, blustering turkeys, pasties, penstemon-a-plenty, decorative urns, pineapple broom, sun, sun, sun, cobbles, spaniels, umbellifers and lots and lots of geraniums.

You should give it a go.

5 thoughts on “Just Visiting – Again

    • It was very quiet when we were there, which was good for us but perhaps not for them. The lake was particularly lovely, although there were some rather ominous looking large dead conifers around ….


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