Weather for Ducks

IMG_0606Today I was digging up couch grass at The Farm.  If you laid all the roots that I painstakingly removed end to end it would stretch to the moon and back.  No exaggeration.  On the plus side we picked the first apples of the season, the forecast doom and destruction didn’t arrive until the end of the day and we had quadruple chocolate biscuits (yes quadruple!).  Just as the monsoon got going, and I was planning my escape, Mrs Duck waddled past with her new brood on the way to the pond.  Looks like she is taking better care of this lot.  Please forgive the quality of the picture, it might have been fine for ducks but it was dreadful weather for photographers!


16 thoughts on “Weather for Ducks

  1. I abandoned the paintbrushes and worked outside all afternoon in fine drizzle until 7pm, the weather has certainly been hit or miss as to who got the downpours.


  2. Oh, they are sweet, the ducks, even if they are blurry. I know a group of geese is a gaggle, but what do you call a group of ducks? We were disappointed in the rain that fell here today: less than a millimeter, with forest fires still burning in parts of BC.


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