The Truth


I love those tales of glorious winter gardens, lyrical with frosty mornings.  The cold crisp days are invigorating and inspiring whilst the low afternoon sun caresses the ruddy leaves of Leucothoe “Scarletta”.  Goldfinches feast on hoary seed heads and fluffy bloomin’ bunnywunnys hop past giggling.

Let me tell you the truth, well my truth anyway.  I will begin with a few relevant words to set the mood:  Dank. Wind. Mush. Sog. Dreary. Miserable. Relentless. Gloom.  Any wildlife with any sense is sheltering, not that I could see it anyway as my eyes are full of mud.  Each evening I study the weather report, hoping they have got it wrong.  At night I hear the rain and wind assaulting the windows and wish it to have passed over by morn.  I wake ears on full alert as to what is happening outside.  Invariably my optimism is once again thwarted and I have to make the decision whether it would be fruitful to go to work.

Here is some more truth for you.  Although these are frustrating times, I don’t waste my energy worrying too much about them.  These things are out of my control and there is always soup to be made.  Today it was cauliflower and stilton, and very nice it was too!

20 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. Yes, definitely cook something tasty when it is this miserable, gloomy, squelchy, etc. Smell of chocolate brownies wafting through the air, out of the oven just 20 minutes ago and Mr TT will have to wait until tomorrow.


  2. Scarletta is a beauty! I heard there is unusual rainy towards Northern Europe. I made pace with this kind of weather in late fall-winter (and spring again). As you said, these are things out of our control.
    There is always something else to be done 🙂


  3. Stilton and Cauliflower-my favorite. Rather glad that it is a bit miserable outside as I am now in the throes of Christmas prep. I simply could not do Christmas in Summer, I am full of admiration for our antipodean friends with garden duties!


  4. Cauliflower and Stilton–what a great combination! If misery truly does love company, you will be glad to hear it is exactly the same here. The water reservoir for our region is now 94.2% full. I don’t think we’re going to have strict watering restrictions next summer. 🙂


  5. A lovely soup sounds like a good idea. I have just made a Jerusalem Fartichoke soup. Just for the two of us, not something to eat in polite society.
    I hope the sun will shine again one day. Maybe next year.

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