The GPAP – Auricula


As befits my disorderly personality, I am not undertaking The Great Photo Archiving Project in a methodical manner.  I am closing my eyes and picking a file at random to cull and label.  Far more exciting.

I took this picture of an auricula in September 2014 at one of my favourite haunts, the alpine house at RHS Rosemoor.   This photo certainly has its failings.  The leading lady is not well centred, a spent flower mars its immaculate beauty whilst a perfect bloom has been cropped at the bottom.  What may well be an out of focus corydalis is suspended in the top left corner.  I could pretend these faults were all intentional, that I had spent a long time setting up the shot to tell a story.  That the haze of blue provided both enigma and texture, the shrivelled flower symbolised the ephemeral nature of the world and the skewy shot was to illustrate that there is no need to be centre stage to make an impact in life.  I doubt I could get it past you though.  Yes, it was a hurried snap.  Yet again I was over-whelmed by my enthusiasm for the plant to the detriment of the picture. But I quite like it.  Perfection is so boring.

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