Heady Brew


What a heady brew of a day!  A potent cocktail of rain, hail, sleet and sunshine, all washed down with a wind from the north west that could lift you off your feet.  Unfortunately this wind, and the many others that have preceded it in the past few weeks, has caused much damage in the garden. The soft and spoilt foliage of evergreens has been scorched and disfigured, wet-footed shrubs and trees have been rocked on their soggy roots and newly emerging flowers discoloured and ripped from their boughs. So often the icy pair of frost and snow are demonised, but the evil duo of cold wind and persistent rain are just as worthy for a pantomime hiss.  I am hoping that some of Max’s magnolia blooms will hang on long enough to reach their full potential.  Since I started working in his garden, late last summer, I have been impatient to see this collection of trees in flower.  It may be that this wind scuppers my wish.  If so I suppose there is always next year, but that seems an awful long time to wait ……..

13 thoughts on “Heady Brew

  1. Marwood opened the gardens on Tuesday and a few hardy souls braved the weather. But Oh for some dry weather! Cold, dry and frosty is fine by me. We had an oak keel over yesterday (up past the Astilbe beds) it’s roots had been seriously undermined by the water constantly coming down from the surrounding fields. Will I see you on the 19th for the PH day?


  2. The poor plants, I know what you mean, my penstemons look as if they have been fried to a crisp, I have not seen that down here before. I do hope some of those magnolia blooms open and look beautiful, another year is a long time to wait.

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  3. Unsettled weather here, too. Rain, wind, sun, then repeat the sequence. There is an ominous bulge where the north wall meets the ceiling. I’ll be calling a roofer first thing tomorrow morning.


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