IMG_6840It was a scorcher today.  Perhaps as hot as yesterday which was classified as “absolutely roasting” on the UK Woosy Weather Scale. The difference is that yesterday I spent the day in Somerset woodland. Today I spent a fair proportion of the my day in a Devon greenhouse where we were planting up tomatoes, cucumbers, water melons and sweet potatoes.  When we had finished I carried watering cans up hill and down dale tending to the very thirsty newly planted.  You might think there was no comparison but there were advantages to my toil today.  It was much cheaper than sweating it out in a boot camp, I have faith that the rain will come soon to share the job and it gave me a chance to check on the newbies in the far reaches of the Farm.  And each slop of cool water splashing over arm or ankle was like balm.  I may have been a little less careful than usual on occasion.


9 thoughts on “Balm

  1. This ‘absolutely roasting’ is probably very rare in UK? I understand that others in Europe have a bit too much water.


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