6 thoughts on “Warming

  1. Having grubbed out my anemone bed in January (after 20 years the plants were getting tired) and now looking at a bare area (left fallow until I shove in some wallflowers), it’s nice to be reminded of what they look like as I nurture the newbies I’m growing in the cold frame ready to plant next spring. But now I’m sort of wishing we’d have a cold snap so I can dig up the summer bedding and get the spring stuff in the ground. But OTOH then I’ll have to clean the greenhouse and see if the boiler still works. Such conflicts!

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  2. Japanese Anemones are such a cheerful sight in autumn. My daughter has them growing along the front walk, like a welcoming party as you approach the house. Her plants come from a start I got from a neighbour over forty years ago. I took one along when we moved and had one to give her when she acquired a garden of her own. Now, I’ve gotten several plants back from her and they are blooming in my garden. They are mostly lavender in colour, but I have a couple of white ones, too. Love your close-up of one of my favourite flowers!

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  3. So am I 🙂 after a very hot summer I look fw to cooler temperatures and I can finally start planting and moving plants in the garden!


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