Nerine, hesperantha

I tip toed through the grass border (with only the odd oops!) to take a photo of the splendid sugar pink nerines.  On closer inspection I was bemused/outraged/impressed to find that an errant hesperantha had seeded itself in the midst of the naked ladies.  The cheek!  With chameleon like powers of disguise, it had me fooled, a least for a minute.

Not that I was surprised.  This was Lavinia’s garden after all.  Another of her disreputable mates. She feigns regret and sorrow at my continual removal of these bullies, but all along I feel is secretly pleased that they test my patience.   She is impressed by their rebellious nature and fortitude.  I suppose I am too, but please don’t tell Lav I said that.

8 thoughts on “Interloper

  1. Poor Hes and her identity crisis. Probably thinks if she has to stop being a Schizostylis then she’d like to be one of the Amaryllidaceae, equally unspellable, or even an Amaryllis (pronouncable and related). But she’s merely unwanted, despite trying hard to fit in. Society is so cruel.


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