Salvia patens

There is something extraordinary about blue flowers.  This Salvia patens, the gentian sage, is very blue and very beautiful.  It comes from Mexico and is therefore a little tender.   There is no doubt in my mind that it is worth any amount of pampering to carry it safely through winter.

It also reminds me of my toes, blue since our boiler gave up the ghost yesterday morning.  As we all know, I too am very tender.  I wish I was in Mexico being pampered.

24 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Is it boiler break-down time? Ours is intermittent but at least will work with a nudge, hope yours is fixed soon and not too expensively. That blue is just gorgeous, I just wish I could make this one happy, I have also failed to get it through winter.


  2. I adore blue Salvias. My favourite is Salvia guaranitica ‘Blue Enigma’, the only tender perennial I grow. I thought Salvia patens was hardy, but I see that is not the case. Explains why one died on me!


      1. It could well be the wet that’s the issue. Also, the RHS numbering system is based on a Southern English climate, so not that representative of the conditions in the rest of the UK.

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      2. I can’t reply to Julieanne’s post below so I’m doing it here. (It’s a how many levels config thing).

        My plant of the year, this year, has been salvias. And now I read that what was sold as “hardy” isn’t. Last year’s “hardy” isn’t this year’s “hardy”. Anyone remember those foxgloves that T&M were promoting like buggery but which, a couple of winters later, aren’t hardy? So I’ve now bought a bulk buy pack of pots. deferred sowing plans for the greenhouse, and will dig up all those salvias and hope …….


  3. If your toes are that colour, you should see a doctor. If they’re that shape, you should be hanging upside down in the attic. Age is affecting the eyesight: I misread part of the post and have been wondering why all the fuss about a small chicken. I have noticed, over time, that boilers only ever break down when you turn them on. If you turn yours off, it’ll probably be fine. 😉


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