Just Looking

Lobelia 'Hapspen Purple'

Today I did a lot of looking.  Sometimes it happens that way.  Things catch your eye and demand closer inspection.  Like the raindrop on the ‘Lobelia Hadspen’ Purple flower above.  If you are in the pay of CSI or Miss Marple you will have noticed my reflection within the little drop.

Then it was an echinops that caught my attention, with seeds seemingly cascading in a frozen waterfall.   With specs on I could see that it was tied up in a safety net of spiders web.


Next the tight emerald bud of an perennial sunflower, perfect in its potential.


Then a buggle-eyed bee feasting on a Japanese anemone.

Japanese Anemone

And the new leaf of Erodium manescavii, reaching like a hand towards the warm sun.

Erodium manescavii

Finally, up close and personal to Verbascum chaixii flower, pink breeches and orange socks.

Verbascum chaixii

That was a quite a lot of looking,

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