The Bright Side

Mirabilis longiflora Angel Trumpet

Hedychiums look hedychi-dead, agapanthus has flurped, phlomis is desiccated, the fuchsia is wizened but Mirabilis longiflora ‘Angel Trumpets’ has germinated.   Yes, it is a little on the tender side, but we never ever get frosts here, as for snow, don’t be ridiculous!

15 thoughts on “The Bright Side

  1. Is it a boy or a girl? Don’t see many neutral “congratulations on your new arrival” cards these days.

    The snow has gone. The temps are on the up. I tried again to get some milk today. But none to be had in the local Asda. A shop assistant said it was manic when they opened. People are still panic buying! They quickly sold out of milk, eggs, bread, pizza, cooked chicken and frozen chips. I mean, frozen chips!!!!!????? Rioja on cornflakes anyone?

    It must be coz of Brexit!

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  2. I haven’t dared look at the agapanthus yet. But I have been cheered enormously today to find that while I have been hibernating the Fuchsia arborescens you gave me has sprouted flower buds! Thank you! And thank goodness I left it in the greenhouse..

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  3. My agapanthus in the greenhouse have just put up a first tentative shoot or two. I am still assessing other damage, but chionodoxa are coming in to growth as the snow disappears.

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