Six on Saturday – Nearly

I must admit I have struggled with this week’s Six on Saturday. Everything seems to be nearly photo-ready or past caring, having being munched by slugs and snails. Still, I’ve done the best I can for you and our illustrious leader, who is never nearly but is ever always, See You Later Propagator.

First we have what I imagine to be the common monbretia, Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora . Perhaps it is or perhaps it is something more exotic, no matter. It was in residence when we arrived and is not keen to give up its patch, stealthily marching on. I have dug up a lot of crocosmia in my time. It is in my top ten of irritating plants. Then you look again, back-lit on a sunny evening, and you don’t even have to be desperate to want to include it on your SoS.

Next our Venus Fly Trap. In this instance I say “our” as it was a gift to OH a couple of years ago. He has ignored it ever since. Immediately after purchase it flowered and the given wisdom was that it was doomed. It wasn’t. Although pale, it is still interesting, and catching the odd insect.

Next we have Amaranthus caudatus, which quite frankly is just silly.

This Lantana camara, was brought a few weeks ago. It is still not planted out, but is showing willing. Perhaps this weekend.

Next we have a newby to me, Glebionis segetum, the corn marigold. I grew this from RHS seed, which I chose specially because I hadn’t heard of it before. I am underwhelmed. Although very nice, nice is not what I am after, I want wonderful.

Lastly, it is Peggy’s birthday on Tuesday, so it is only right to include a giraffe as my last contribution. This Sauromatum venosum leaf stalk is perfect.

That is it, another week! Stay safe and well my friends. Na noo na noo!

35 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Nearly

  1. I always have a soft spot for Lantana, it takes me back to my youth, as my mother had a hedge of different coloured ones along the road. That was in the tropics! Here they are exotic, and you have my favourite coloured one there. Very impressed with your Amaranthus.

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    1. Yes, I like this colour too, I bet hedges in flower were stunning! I decided to pot it up and it is outside the back door now. The amaranthus was very slow to start, seems to be immune to S&S too!


  2. I understand about the corn marigold (which is a new one to me), I end up with too many yellow and gold flowers that look pretty much the same. I made the mistake of planting a false sunflower in a bed with coreopsis, and I can barely tell them apart! I love lantana, but it would have to be treated as an annual here, and I don’t see the sense in that.

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  3. Crocosmias have been a torment in the garden here at times also. I had quite a collection of them but realised they had intentions for complete domination and I began removing them. Easier said than done, as often said, but I eventually got rid of them, keeping a few that I still like.


  4. I think you’ve done rather well with your choices for this week. I’ve found myself wondering whatever am I going to have in the garden when winter arrives…

    The Crocosmia does have an exotic look and always makes a perfect camera subject. I’d have a lot of photos of them if I had them in the garden. I think the corn marigold just needs a few more plants to give it a lift to the ‘wonderful’ that you’re looking for.

    Enjoy the week ahead!


  5. i think technically it was nanu nanu, but far be it from me to be pedantic enough to point that out. well done on growing a giraffe. i think you may be on to something there, growing animals from the plains of africa. i would like to grow an antelope, preferably one with impressively curly horns.

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  6. I’ll add Lantana to my ever-increasing wish list. Looks lovely. If it’s nearly-ready or past caring, it must surely be even more lovely in the flesh.


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