Six on Saturday – Peace

Another day, another Six on Saturday. For the uninitiated, take a look at The Prop’s site and you will soon be up to speed with the inner workings of the sophisticated machine that is SoS. For those of you that wish to witness a plethora of flimsily veiled, Grade A cheekiness then take a look at what Mr K is up to. I can’t believe you actually looked?! I am very disappointed. Best to sweep that under the carpet and proceed with the task at hand, all the while silently weeping.

First, we have a crest fallen rose, a victim of this summer’s ravages. It has been suggested before by your clever selves that it is ‘Peace’. I like it. Both the sentiment and the flower.

Next, the most elegant in flower but languid in habit, Fuchsia glazioviana.

Now a disappointment. Yes, another one. This is, supposedly, Agapanthus inapertus ‘Midnight Cascade’. I have been waiting for it to flower for an age or two. After my initial euphoria, I now believe it to be an imposter. Life is like that sometimes, still the dark stem is rather nice.

On to Campanula ‘Loddon Anna’. It is a relatively new arrival but already has been subjected to the trauma of OH trimming the grisselina behind. Which cost it its first flowering stem. I said nothing. Let me remind you; peace is the preferred option.

Now the glorious Gladiolus papilio ‘Ruby’. I can’t beat glorious I’m afraid.

Lastly, a Dahlia coccinea seedling, dark-leaved and sultry. A great favourite of both myself and the slugs and snails. Sometimes I am not quite so peaceful.

That is yer lot you mottley crew! ‘Til the next time. Be safe and happy, my friends.

44 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Peace

  1. I think my sister-in-law has peace. A lovely blend of colours. I’ve just dug one old rose out as its flowers were too ruffled and fail to open with the slightest bit of moisture. I’m looking for a nice pot rose to replace it so my wife doesn’t sulk abut me removing all the roses.

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  2. I have a Peace rose which had a year off last year but is behaving itself this season. Meanwhile, I think I like these smaller flowered fuchsias better than the big, blousy ones. I have the common, brighter red version which excels itself every year. Maybe the type of fuchsia matches its grower? (I speak for myself.) 👩‍🌾🤭😉

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  3. Nice ones there, but fancy leading us to Mr K. He ought at least rise to the occasion this week, maybe he is off doing something mischievous. Looks like your Dahlia has had a touch up, it is so perfect.

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  4. Such a pretty collection of flowers and beautifully photographed. Dark leaved single dahlias are just so beautiful and that coccinea is no exception. Lovely.

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  5. Glorious it is, indeed, a chara. The downside of gloriosity is that I find it very difficult to photograph gladioli without having to go through contortions. I wonder if I were to stake them back at a reasonable angle?
    Dahlia battles? Yes, it’s because it looks delicious. Peace be with you.

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      1. So far, so good here. I live in the middle of nowhere though the virus is here. Do you think Europeans are just more orderly people, the Americans just can’t stay still….and object to masks as a personal freedom insult, so odd.

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      2. Have you ever been on public transportation in the US? The retail stores had to require masks before the government would. Florida does not have a mask mandate although local governments do. Most people are wearing masks now.

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    1. This gladdie is a good one to try, such a wonderful colour, definitely not done justice in my photograph. Are the words the right way around? Sounds a bit odd, but you know what I mean. And yes, it is a nice agapanthus, it can stay. 🙂


  6. Oh, you got Gladiolus papilio too! It is pretty sweet. Someone sent me my first last year. I had never seen them before.
    ‘Midnight Cascade’ agapanthus is nice, even if not what is should be. It is not first that I have seen like that to be labeled as such. It is as if there are two cultivars with the same name.

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      1. Well, having two cultivars with the same name does not make it right. We had that problem with one of our rhododendrons, ‘Chapeau’. We named one ‘Chapeau II’, because we could not identify the real cultivar.

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  7. i have some similar looking dahlias, bishops children, utterly shredded this year. i just dug them up yesterday to see if i can salvage anything. i ended up with about 8 pots, huge clumps of tuber, amazing how much they put on when grown from a teeny seed. there is new growth so i may yet have flowers. there’s time i think, before jack frost visits.

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