A New Friend

A couple of days ago I went for a farewell walk with my good friend Torrington Tina. Her company alone would have been more than enough to ensure a jolly jaunt, but there was icing on the TT cake. I was thrilled to be introduced to a new addition to her family, the Marvellous Millie. This little dog had a less than happy first few chapters, but for all her hardships and disappointments she is absolutely adorable. It is not a surprise that the transition from “foster dog” to “permanent addition to the household” was swift and non-returnable. And I am very pleased to report that Millie is now my friend. It is always good to have a new friend, even if you might not see them again for a while, it is one safely stored in the bank. I have no doubt that wrapped in the tender loving care and under the good guidance of TT, Millie will thrive and bring joy wherever she goes. She certainly made me smile a lot. Happy endings are the best!

21 thoughts on “A New Friend

  1. Aaaw, cute. And, co-incidentally, I’m meeting a new friend on Saturday so you’ll get to meet Buster soon too. Something tells me, tho, that “cute” won’t be an adjective for him!

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      • I had a boxer dog as a child. Runt of the litter and only one left for sale in Scunthorpe market, fell in love and begged my parents to let me buy her. Name of Penny (as my dad said that’s all he had left after paying for her collar and lead). She was a very naughty puppy, but a lifetime friend until I had to say goodbye when I was 19.

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  2. A cockapoo? My daughter fostered one as the original owner discovered that although they are supposed to be hypoallergenic, her little boy was still allergic to her. After a couple of trials back at home it was decided that my daughter would keep the pup and take her to visit the family. Cute pup!


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