Six on Saturday – Hello

I just popped by to say “hello there”. To say “cooooeeeeee, I’m still hanging on to Planet Earth”. Perhaps even “did you miss me, did you notice I’ve been gone?” Too needy? Almost definitely. More importantly, I am here to share my last Six from Peggy’s house. Or rather, my last Six if the Big Moving Gods in The Sky are feeling benevolent and the ceremonial sacrifice of six jammy dodgers and a kitkat was considered adequate. I will say no more, I do not wish to jinx things. If you have a little time on your hands, it might be worth seeing what the other SoSers are up to. Pop over to The Prop’s site and all will be revealed. Shall we shake a leg?

First we have Diascia personata, the name of which I have a terrible time remembering. After an initial flowering, several pot ons, a severe chop back and a major sulk (on its part) it is now flowering again in a very civilised manor. Refined and understated, as befits the season. Fair play to you fine, *checks notes*, diascia!

“It is not dead” I kept telling everyone/myself, and I was right. This time anyway. The Tibouchina urvilleana is just forming flower buds, having pulled itself from the vortex of doom. I am very pleased because it was a gift from Mr and Mrs Fish and not only do I love it, I feel a certain responsibility of care.

Well along the road to snoozeland, the hostas are shutting down, withdrawing chlorophyll from their leaves and giving us a fine lemon drizzle display of colour. I rarely consider hostas as plants with autumn merit. I may well have to rethink that opinion. Remind me next year.

Onto Hedychium ‘Pradhanii’, which has sporadically produced some rather contorted, disturbed flowers for several weeks. The recent rains have suited it and now the blooms are as exotic and wonderful as they ever have been. Hip, hip, horrah!

Begonia grandis ‘Claret Jug’, is another beauty just coming into its own. Burgundy backed leaves and stems, fresh pink flowers held on Barbie branches, this is quite glorious.

Finally, Nerine bowdenii ‘Bicolor’ has thrown up two flower spikes this year and this is the first to shine. And shine it does. Now we just have to wait to see if its delicate relative, N. undulata is going to turn up to the party.

That is your lot. Hope you are all staying well and happy. ‘Til next time.

31 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Hello

  1. And so it came to pass that a season of great joy arrived at Peggy’s abode. And she did phone the local butcher to arrange delivery of the fatted calf for the celebration (and if he could nip into the off licence on the way that would be much appreciated).

    But then a voice from the Heavens was heard, saying “Don’t forget, I’ll be popping in to see you every week.”

    And so the season of great happiness was brief and the calf enjoyed a longer life in the field which the Lord gave it. Until the day when Peggy did become un-enamoured of the task of watering all of the plants that still remained in her garden because, subjected to the sin of sloth, they were not yet taken to their new home. And, thusly, she invited the calf to visit and graze for a while.

    And it came to pass that the calf became fatter, the watering can rested and Peggy rejoiced and gave thanks, saying “Hosta la vista”.

    And, verily, the percentage of Welsh speakers in the community increased.

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  2. I can’t wait to see the photos of the tibouchina in bloom. I love this plant as much for its very soft and velvety foliage as for the flowers! I also do liked the flower spike of the diascia …. I repeat: the diascia …

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      1. Not yet but in my wishlist. I still have to find a good deal or a seed supplier because I’m not in a hurry. I had tried a cutting years ago without success. I didn’t know much about the exotics that I know better now because I understand their needs better.

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  3. So happy that Tabouchina has gone with you and survived the travel hiatus πŸ€—. A small gift to a special lady πŸ‘. And the little potted Salvia ? You gave me is blooming nicely (but sparsely) πŸ˜‰ xxxx

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  4. Your sacrifice will probably need to be added to at regular times until Zero time. Best wishes Sis for safe arrival you, your loved ones and plants. Yes I missed you!

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  5. It gets so expensive reading Six on Saturday. I had no idea that there was such a thing as a hardy Begonia, and now I’m browsing shopping sites before I even got to the bottom of your post.
    I hope all goes according to plan with the house move.

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  6. Good luck with the move and the box mountain that you will no doubt have to wade through, though I actually find it almost as exciting as Christmas, finding things I had forgotten I even had and sometimes wondering why on earth I packed it! Hope we get to meet the new garden once you have settled in and tell us all about it.

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  7. I hope the move has gone well/is going well. Enjoy the blank canvas – very exciting. I do like a Hedychium and yet have none. I must look into this. And I hope all the plants that are moving with your arrive safe and sound!

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