Unforgotten – Prodigal Plates

You can all stop looking, I’ve found them! Persistence paid off and they were in the bottom box in the far corner of the understair cupboard. They are now washed and ready for roast spud action.

I hope you are not too disappointed by their un-festive look. They are our best plates and used when we have visitors and other such special events. Such as Christmas. To compensate for their unsparkley, ruddolph-less appearance, with not a even christmas tree in sight, I have added a couple of elves to boost their seasonal appeal. I hope this will suffice. These lovely elves were a gift from my Norwegian sister-in-law, and like all her wonderful nation, she knows a thing or two about Christmas decorations. One is me and the other is OH. But you knew that.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, my friends. May you have fun and laughter and love and light. Thanks for everything, I couldn’t do it without you.

25 thoughts on “Unforgotten – Prodigal Plates

  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you and yours have a happy, healthy holiday season. Your plates are very festive, even if they aren’t covered in Christmas themes. I’m glad you found them.

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  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Gil. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely traditional Christmas dinner on those gorgeous plates. It being 31 degrees here, we’ve just finished our seafood and champagne lunch and are now lying to rapidly on

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    1. My message left without my permission! And without correction. We are relaxing, recovering from a slight excess. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Best, Jane.

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  3. No, I didn’t realise the elves represented you and your OH. Somehow I never visualised you with yellow plaits. Have a wonderful Christmas in your new home, eating dinner off your lovely plates.x

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      1. Oh, so I am right, I imagined you with dark hair. As for grey hair; no you are dark in my mind’s eye. I thought my fair hair has was getting blonder with advancing years and now I am very blonde indeed. You can imagine my feelings when a friend bluntly, and let’s face it, unkindly, told me that it’s not blonde at all, but grey/white. I still think it’s blonde. I just asked the Pianist and he says it’s ash blonde. Bless him. Have a happy day too.x

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