Rather like The Doctor and last night’s pasta, “On The Edge Gardening” has been reincarnated.  For those who know me it was inevitable that I would eventually go “Off the Edge”.  Hopefully my journey into oblivion will not disappoint.  I am approaching these ramblings from a slightly different angle (darned sat nav) but will strive to include much in the way of plants, people and scandal from the shrubbery (although mainly other peoples’ this time).  Can I tempt you in with tales of gardens and gardeners, birds and beasties, with the odd glitter ball and occasional gymnastic move thrown in for good measure?  I do hope so ……

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      1. That is our lovely Charlie who died last year and is sorely missed. She was a real character, part Xena Warrior Princess, part Sweetness and Light. I think it may be telepathy! 🙂


  1. First reading for ‘off the edge’ of many…..in the knowle watching charity shield. Poogie’s team whooping frankster and marty’s….in the background the opening strains of dancing queen….. I take so long to type with beer goggles that the soundtrack has moved on to good ol’ Gloria. G…….how apt …….Tus xx


  2. I would like to follow you Gill, but I can’t see the button to set the email subscription up, or am I just blind?


      1. Butting in – you have two follow options. One (just below the search box) is only available to those with WordPress.com accounts (IIRC this “button” won’t be visible to non WP account holders). All WP bloggers have an account (even if they self-host) and non-WP-bloggers can set one up quite easily and download the WP app.

        WP account holders will also see a little “FOLLOW” button popping up bottom right of the display (changes to “FOLLOWING” if you are). This button can be a bit erratic though and regularly scrolls out of the display.

        The second “Follow us” option is, I guess, a WP widget and will (when you fix it) work for non WP account holders (who can only subscribe via email) as well. But it needs a bit of setup, explained at https://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/follow-blog-widget/. It also presupposes that the email address you (as blog owner) have registered with WordPress is valid! Won’t work if you’ve registered an address that’s no longer working.

        HTH xx


      1. Oh please do! If you scroll down past the people that I follow on the right hand side there is a button to follow, in fact there are two, which is a bit peculiar, think I will have to fix that! Any problems please message me again and I will see what I can do. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks John. I find the “Follow Me” on the bottom right of the screen too flaky for words, at least on desktop, it’s much more reliable on the mobile app.
      I’m trying to follow you now but have the same problem, I can’t find the button, can you help please?


      1. I’ve opted for the email subscription box towards the top right of the display. It’s set to interact with the WP app so as you’ve got a WP account your initial setting will be to turn on email notifications that I’ve posted something. In the app you can then turn that off and/or turn on email notifications for comments. I felt it was easier to offer the same subscription route to everyone. HTH. I’m just about to email you separately about your email. 🙂


  3. I feel like a stalker this morning, having finally tracked you down. Luckily its raining so there is some excuse for my behaviour! Very glad to have found you again! 🙂


  4. Huh? Not Cliffe? Where are you now? Sorry, I should probably look at your blog for the answer buy I only have my phone at the moment and my eyes are wearing out!


  5. Exciting times then! Hope you are still writing? Do you offer talks to societies too?
    Incidentally, (pedantic to the last), your responses are still coming from ‘On’ rather than ‘Off’ the Edge. Not that it matters but I know how particular you are with these things!


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