Plan B

Yesterday I implemented Plan B in my relentless battle against the unremitting mollusc onslaught.  B stands for beer.  Beer traps.  This morning I fished out the inebriated/drowned and was impressed/horrified to find approximately forty of varying shapes and sizes in just two traps.  They were enticed by Tesco’s definitely not finest but cheapest beer.  Not the prettiest way to start a day, poking with an old fork at bloated slimey mini-sausages.  It did however substantially improve.  Sun, more sun and a whole lot of gardening.


12 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. You have time to go fishing for dead molluscs? What do you use as bait? And do they bite quickly or are you sitting there with your fishing rod for ages? I prefer the Alka-Seltzer approach. Bucket of salt water, pick up two. Drop ’em in bucket. Plink, plink, fizz. Or grow a thumbnail. I’m not wasting even cheap beer on them! The average garden hosts 20,000 slugs and you’re happy killing 40? They’re reproducing faster than that. I know I’m not winning but the fizzing is strangely satisfying.

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  2. I’m wondering why you felt the need to fish the snails out with a fork. Are you economising on beer? Why not just pour it all out in a corner of the garden? I would! That photo is stunning btw. The new camera/ phone is doing its job well.

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  3. Well, at least it sort of worked. I mean, you took out that many at least My colleague down south once collected snails in a bucket with a lid on it, but before he disposed of them, his young daughter moved the bucked into the shade of the elephant ears and took the lid off.

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