Six on Saturday – Clever

Like many Northern Hemispherer contributors, I’m sure, I have struggled to whittle my Six on Saturday choices down to the allotted number this week. This is not a complaint, this is a relief. Houston, we have take off! There is still lots to do, with potting on and planting out, but this has slowed toContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Clever”

Six on Saturday – Optimism

Is May my favourite month? Perhaps. Ask me again in June. Whatever I might say in the future, May is certainly up there with the best. It is a time when all things seem possible. Bubbles have yet to be burst. True, we have a few aphid and the nights could be a bit warmer,Continue reading “Six on Saturday – Optimism”

Six on Saturday – Rain or Shine

Rain, shine, rain, shine, more raining, more shining. Just make your mind up, is all I can say. April is over, we need a little more consistency and a lot more warmth. It has been a mixed week but, adding up the pluses and the minuses and the indifferent, a good week. If you wantContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Rain or Shine”

Six on Saturday – On Our Way

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. That is how I feel about the garden, my garden, other gardens, any garden, at the moment. There are so many things that I can see that are hard to share quite yet, “look, this naked branch has an inkling of green”, “quick! AContinue reading “Six on Saturday – On Our Way”

Six on Saturday – After the Storm

To be honest, I’m surprised anything is still standing in the garden after Wednesday’s storm. The storm was named Noa, which seems appropriate as the amount of rain that accompanied the strong winds was biblical. All things do pass and although it at times felt like the downpours would never end, today we are backContinue reading “Six on Saturday – After the Storm”

Six on Saturday – Lobster Claws

Six on Saturday time again and what a day! April Fool’s Day, it couldn’t have been better arranged. To be honest, I’ve never really bought into the AFD concept, I’m too anxious that I will be made to look an idiot, there are enough opportunities without special days. Still, you can rest assured that thereContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Lobster Claws”

Six on Saturday – The Spring Feeling

After a flash-in-the-pan snow incident, I am left elated and feeling like I dodged a bullet. I went to bed with a white garden, I woke with it all seeming like a chilly dream. The other side of this polar blip is that I am feeling the spring vibe. This optimism has yet to manifestContinue reading “Six on Saturday – The Spring Feeling”