Six on Saturday – The Long Goodbye

It has been a week of fare-thee-wells and packing; a few tears, plenty of reminising and a fair amount of box action. And we are not over quite yet, another week and a bit to go ’til M Day. I’m sure I will be lost for words when we are eventually settled into Nouveau ChezContinue reading “Six on Saturday – The Long Goodbye”

Six on Saturday – Pressure

As the weeks proceed this Six on Saturday malarkey is getting a little easier.  This is in part due to the season, but it is also because I have begun to pay more attention to my own garden.  Without wanting to get all slushy and sentimental about it, I must thank the King of PropContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Pressure”

Mukdenia rossii

This lovely little member of the saxifrage family enticed me with its rosy autumnal foliage.  Little did I know quite how delightful the flower spikes of Mukdenia rossii  would be, standing tall above the barely emerging bronze/green palmate leaves.  If you have a sliver of woodlandesque garden, not too dry, I would recommend this ChineseContinue reading “Mukdenia rossii”