Eye of the Beholder


Some people can point out the Taj Mahal in the marshmallow folds of cumulonimbus, or perhaps see Elvis circa 1979 etched in carbon on a piece of toast, whilst others will swear blind there is a two-headed gnu in the mashed potato.

This moss looks uncannily like a lamb.  Fact.


This little flower is blooming in a narrow border maintained by the local council, just around the corner from where I live.  It is a newly planted shrub, just two spindly twigs, and I first noticed it last week.  But what could it be?  It looks very much like a philadelphus, but flowering now?  Am I being dimmer than usual?  Any ideas anyone?

Blanket of Love

We travelled home yesterday after a second Christmas with my family in Wales.  Our journey was delayed, someone had been hit by a train and the line had been closed between Bristol and Taunton.   I don’t know the rest of the story.  It well may have been an unfortunate accident, but I can’t help thinking that life had become too painful for some poor soul.  The festive period can be a gruelling time for the lonely and excluded.

Whatever the reason, it is a sad tale.  One that has undoubtedly given distress and sorrow to many;  the train driver, the emergency services called to the scene and those that knew the victim.

We were warm, had plenty to read and adequate supplies.  Our fellow passengers were relaxed and we got home safe and unstressed.  Still I couldn’t stop thinking about the person who had died so tragically and all those who find this sometimes cruel world too great a challenge.

This morning I discovered that a friend’s home was destroyed in a serious fire a couple of days ago.  The family is safe but their house is almost certainly beyond repair and they have lost most of their possessions.  However they are buoyant and positive and are being supported by each other and their friends.

Something else happened earlier today.  And it got me to thinking.  There was a ring at the door and a parcel left on the doorstep.  Inside was a blanket, handmade by my friend Emma.  A surprise, a wonderful surprise.  It is beautiful but so much more than that.  I cried at the kindness of it.

Friends and family can not always protect us from misfortune.  But when adversity does strike, and as we know “into each life a little rain must fall”, it is these people who surround and embrace us.  Even when it turns out to be a deluge and not just a shower.

My dear family and friends are my blanket, they fold their arms around me when I need it, they keep me warm with their love.  I am very lucky and I am thankful.  It should be said out loud every now and again.  Happy New Year everyone, thank you.


Spirit in the Sky

The sun came out briefly today, although it is raining again now.  The respite from the wind and rain did wonders to raise my spirit, which to be honest hadn’t been that low considering my predicament.   Hero took me out for coffee and we met up with the Damage Crew, it was just like old times.  Spirit is now well and truly aloft.


On the Up


I needed a photo that said “there is light at the end of the tunnel, let’s get moving its nearly Christmas and there is sausage, mash and gravy for tea”.   One of Nancy Nightingale’s funky dunky dahlias fitted the description perfectly.

It has been a good day.   There were a few firsts after my disastrous stuntwoman interview a couple of weeks ago.  It was my first full day without the stormtrooper boot.  It was my first day with two shoes on and my first visit to the physiotherapist.  All went well.  Very well.

I don’t want to disco dance before I can walk but things are definitely on an upward trajectory.

Even better, when we got home from the hospital Father Christmas had visited.  OH didn’t mind shimmying up the scaffolding to retrieving the parcel.  I’m not that much better yet!



poppyUp until today I have felt quite ambivalent about my injury.  Injury makes it sound like I did something noble to aquire such damage, I should really call it a stupid self-inflicted accident.  Much more accurate, but not helpful on the glum monitor.  The rain has helped.  Work would have been challenging and uncomfortable, so a lucky escape in that department.  Today however it became an annoyance, a sadness.  Or was that yesterday.  When I tried to get through a door whilst inexpertly driving my crutches, or when my coat was dragging in the rain or when I had to ask for help to carry the coffees to the table whilst my friend was parking the car.  A lesson.  Learnt.

Earlier today I heard on the radio a representative from a homeless charity saying that celebrities sleeping out for one night in their designer sleeping bags was patronising to the true homeless.  I thought him harsh.

Now I realise that, god willing, in a few weeks I will be back on my feet and dancing YMCA with the best of them.  How to negotiate steps and doors and all manner of public places will be a problem of the past.  Some will not have this luxury.