Perfect Parcel

Who doesn’t love to get home from a hard day at the coal face to find that your previously ordered plants have arrived?   I have heard tell that are some strange folk out there who wouldn’t get quite as excited as me, but this could be apocryphal.  A parcel is a wonderful thing and one containing horticultural jewels is even better.

This cardboard box arrived today from Fibrex Nurseries, it contains three different ferns, an abutilon, a correa and a grewia (no me neither).   The plants are healthy and generous in size, they were packed immaculately wrapped in newspaper and bedded in shredded paper.   Not a piece of plastic in sight.  Great service, great ethos.   Just perfect.



clematis buds

It has been a disappointing week so far.  The work has been fine, no complaints there.  I am quite well, no extra aches and pains or sniffles.  Spring has finally arrived, officially anyway.  Gardens are mobilised ready for action, each day another plant primed.

But don’t tell me, after deluge and gale aplenty, that there will be fine weather when you can’t honour your promise.   Murk and drizzle and gloom is no compromise.  So disappointing.

Eye of the Beholder


Some people can point out the Taj Mahal in the marshmallow folds of cumulonimbus, or perhaps see Elvis circa 1979 etched in carbon on a piece of toast, whilst others will swear blind there is a two-headed gnu in the mashed potato.

This moss looks uncannily like a lamb.  Fact.


This little flower is blooming in a narrow border maintained by the local council, just around the corner from where I live.  It is a newly planted shrub, just two spindly twigs, and I first noticed it last week.  But what could it be?  It looks very much like a philadelphus, but flowering now?  Am I being dimmer than usual?  Any ideas anyone?