Rainy Day Cooking – Tomato and Courgette Loaf with Tomato Chutney

Raining again, so no gardening for me today. I’d put aside a recipe that had caught my eye in the weekend Guardian. Tomato and courgette loaf with tomato chutney, “well that sounds delicious” I thought, perhaps I should give it a go. As luck would have it, I had a couple of manky/well-matured courgettes lurkingContinue reading “Rainy Day Cooking – Tomato and Courgette Loaf with Tomato Chutney”

Hairy Dhal – Better than it sounds

It is raining.  Proper grown up rain.  No wishywashy, dampen the odd leaf drizzle, but a full-on-soil-soaking-persistent downpour.  Jubilation! Hang on a minute, I was going to do some potting on at home today, that plan has been scuppered.  I try to stay dry on my days off, there is enough soggy gardening at work. Continue reading “Hairy Dhal – Better than it sounds”

Our Daily Bread

Today is a day of reflection.  A day of much sadness.  Like many, I feel impotent, bewildered, unnerved, despairing, a little scared.  Mostly sad though. So I thought I would make bread.  I haven’t baked for a long time, it fell out of favour in my world for some unknown reason.  Probably laziness.  Co-incidentally, onContinue reading “Our Daily Bread”