Six on Saturday – No Publicity

It is that time again, the weekly Six on Saturday fix, although I do seem to be a fortnightly kinda gal these days. Exciting/terrifying times and all that. The intention is strong, the ability weak. Someone, also with a lot on his plate but seemingly excuse-free, is our esteemed leader The Propagator. It goes withoutContinue reading “Six on Saturday – No Publicity”

Six on Saturday – Not Going Out

We made it to another Six on Saturday, hurrah!   If you are curious, pop on over to The Prop’s and find out what the rest of the gang are up to.  For some it will be spring, for some it will be autumn, but we are all united by one thing.   Things have slowed down,Continue reading “Six on Saturday – Not Going Out”

Six on Saturday – Pressure

As the weeks proceed this Six on Saturday malarkey is getting a little easier.  This is in part due to the season, but it is also because I have begun to pay more attention to my own garden.  Without wanting to get all slushy and sentimental about it, I must thank the King of PropContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Pressure”

Anemone nemorosa “Robinsoniana”

This delicate little beauty is flowering in my front garden at the moment.   Every time I walk past this very special wood anemone I think of Robin and Edwina and their wonderful garden at Andrews Corner on the edge of Dartmoor.   When I visited this treasure trove of a garden, far too long ago, itContinue reading “Anemone nemorosa “Robinsoniana””