Six on Saturday – No Publicity

It is that time again, the weekly Six on Saturday fix, although I do seem to be a fortnightly kinda gal these days. Exciting/terrifying times and all that. The intention is strong, the ability weak. Someone, also with a lot on his plate but seemingly excuse-free, is our esteemed leader The Propagator. It goes without saying he is incredible/wonderful/magnificent and all that sycophantic blarney which quite frankly gets us no further up the leader board (and I am positive there is one) but does anyone else have a problem spelling his name? Each time I have a battle with o’s and a’s. Perhaps not. Just me. Ever wished you hadn’t mentioned something? Shall we?

First, we have the long awaited (in my house) arrival of the aeonium flowers. They have been mustering-up for many months and eventually they are letting rip. I realise it is the dance of death, but hey ho, easy come, easy go. *sobs*

Next the leaf bud of Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’. Can I depend on you to be discreet, as the subject is yet to be broached? The decision has been made that we will be leaving this beautiful young tree behind when we move. Too large, too delicate. Ten years ago, we crammed this young tree, already far from bijou, into the back of the Ford Fiesta as both an inappropriate and irresistible bargain bin purchase. I have enjoyed our relationship, time for us both to move on. *more sobbing*

Onto Anemone nemorosa ‘Robinsoniana’ which is growing in our front garden and was a gift from the fine folk at Andrew’s Corner on the edge of Dartmoor. I have left the majority for the new incumbent, digging up a few rhizomes for both myself and my friend Pat the Field. They will enjoy South Wales, I am sure of it, and soon enough form an impressive springtime clump of joy. “Clump”, although a good word, is not to joyful word, perhaps cluster would be better?

Pat the Field, when she picked up her anemones, brought with her a bunch of her wonderful cut flowers; crazy parrot tulips, anemones, chunky rananculus, multi-headed narcissus, camassia. Hers is not just any field, it is a flower field. I am enjoying her blooms immensely; they are not only beautiful, but grown organically and with love. You just can’t beat that.

Tulipa ‘Burgundy’, I believe. A wonderful purple/red, blue centred lily flower, full of stardust. Oh, and another of those darned aphids!

Finally, there is a little misunderstanding that must be resolved.  There have been outrageous suggestions that Fat Ol is the Nom de Guerre of my OH. Nothing could be further from the truth. His name is not Ol.  In order to set the record straight, above is a rare shot of the infamous FO. He is a shy and retiring chap and, although at pains to put the record straight, is no lover of publicity. Reluctantly he agreed to the above shot. I hope that you now satisfied.

That is it, another six sixted. I can’t promise when next time will be, but there almost definitely will be one. Take care my friends.

35 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – No Publicity

  1. What to take and what to leave, that’s a dilemma. Take more than you think you want to, it takes time to search out and source plants. So you are going to South Wales…hurrah! Bet you will miss your friends.

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  2. Wow, that’s a beautiful shot of Tulipa Burgandy, love those plush colours. Fat OI doesn’t look so fat in that modest photo, he looks gorgeous but I appreciate that Fat OI might have more street cred as a name, a cat needs to be respected in the hood.

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  3. Sixted. I love it! That’s a first. I’ve firsted, as it were.
    I’d imagine it must be difficult deciding what to leave behind? I bit like taking the furniture you like most, and leaving the rest… 🤔

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    1. I’ve got a lot in pots (including the Forest Pansy) and even some of those will stay. I have to get my ruthless head on. Only things with sentimental meaning, and other specials are coming. The rest I am planting out into the garden or giving away. Of course I might buckle at the last minute!

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  4. Sounds like the move is imminent? Such a difficult time when choosing what to keep. My last move was easy because everything I had was in containers. Not so when I left my garden back in 2002 and have always regretted leaving my dad’s irises behind. BTW if you cut the flower stem off your aeonium when it has finished flowering and leave the stump you may find new babies appear, though they can take a while.

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    1. In about a month. Much of mine stuff is in pots, but I can’t really take it all, it needs to be culled a little. Shame you aren’t next door, you would find a few things coming your way. Thanks for top tip about the aeonium, I will give it a go.

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  5. There definitely is a leaderboard. I suspect Fred is at the top. The computer tends to fix my spellings. It just tried to correct ‘Cornus’ to ‘Corpus’. It does get propagator right though!

    Sorry you’re having to leave the Cercis behind, all things have an ending!

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  6. From around the time I was born until I buried him when we both about sixteen, our family cat was a ginger tom like FO. It never seemed remotely odd that he was called Satan. There was never a more aptly named cat.

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  7. Propagator / Propogator ? No, you are not the only one. I distinctly remember a professor reminding us that ‘propagation’ is spelled just like it sounds way back in about 1985 or so. (To me, it sounds like ‘propogation’.)
    Ol is not the only one in his situation either. Did you see Rhody this week?


  8. Having moved not so very long ago, (well in the last six years) and having left a much loved, started-from-scratch garden for the new owners to almost destroy, my suggestion is to take as much as you can. I still occasionally think back ( I’m almost over it now) to what I left behind and wish I’d brought those things with me. I too, struggle with the Prop, hence an abbreviation right here. Fat Ol is gorgeous. I do love cats, though we don’t have one any more.

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    1. Thank you Jane, I’m glad someone else struggles with the spelling, ever since WordPress got rid of their spell check function it is a minefield out there! I shall miss Ol and most likely some of my plants but it will hopefully be a good shopping opportunity. 🙂

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  9. We all need a friend like Pat the Field bringing us bunches of lovely flowers! It’s a shame you have to leave the Cercis behind but I’m sure the new owners will appreciate it. Such charming trees they are.

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