Six on Saturday – Pressure

Anemone nemorosa 'Robinsoniana'

As the weeks proceed this Six on Saturday malarkey is getting a little easier.  This is in part due to the season, but it is also because I have begun to pay more attention to my own garden.  Without wanting to get all slushy and sentimental about it, I must thank the King of Prop for making apparent my wicked and neglectful ways and setting me on the road to enlightenment.  Enough of that balderdash, if you want to know more, pop on over and see what the rest of the fan club have been up to. Shall we get this show on the road?  I think we should, it will be Sunday soon.

First of all we have an ethereal wood anemone,  Anemone nemorosa ‘Robinsoniana’.  This was a gift from the lovely Robin and Edwina Hill at the wonderful  Andrew’s Corner garden on the edge of Dartmoor, which coincidentally is open tomorrow under the National Garden Scheme.  Get there if you can!  Gift is a slight exaggeration.  In truth they had little chance of escape when I instigated my Lovely Plant Acquisition spell.  This is how it works: you stand over a plant and say in a very loud and pleading voice “I really, really, really, really, really love that plant”.  If you wish you can make a “woo woo” sound at the same time.  Of course, like many gardeners, they are generous folk and pretended to fall for my enchantment.  If you visit you might well see this one’s mama.

Next we have the emerging shoot of a rodgersia.  Hairy, unlike my legs.


These little species tulips, live in the Belfast sink in the front garden.  Which was a bit of a surprise.  I had forgotten that I had planted them and as the pixies seem to have stolen the label I have no idea what they are.  Yes, I know, again, after all I drone on and on about the importance of labelling, blah, blah, blah….. Well tough luck, its my party and I will cry if I want to.  Or indeed, not label my plants.  Note to any client that might be reading this.  This blatant flaunting of procedure is only allowed by me.  Full, accurate and comprehensive marking of all plants (in bestest handwriting and indelible pen) must be maintained at all times.  Hypocrisy, moi?

You may recognise this one.  It is the osteospermum that never sleeps. Through hell, high water, and a Devon winter.  Today I chopped off all its blooms, took cuttings, repotted it and wished it well.  Same for its dusky sister.  Harsh but fair.

Mukdenia rossiiNow we have the shiny little hands of Mukdenia rossii, a treasure in the saxifrage family.

Zaluzianskya ovataLastly we have Zaluzianskya ovata, also known as Star Balsam.  I know which name I will be using.  Beautiful in bud as well as in flower and, as its other common name Night Phlox suggests, night scented being pollinated by moths.  A little stunner.

Thanks King of Prop, see you next week, that is if I’m not too busy gardening trying to keep up to standard.  Now that cheeky Mr K has got fancy peonies in bloom, I’m going to have to up my game.  The pressure is on.  Adios!

29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Pressure

    1. Thanks, I wish my garden was bigger, but then it would be even more of a mess I suppose! As for gardening energy, the sun certainly helped today, and then it clouded over and next it started to rain. I couldn’t believe it!


  1. Phew! Saved by a web search. Zaluzianskya ovata (I like your attention to form with the italicised names) went on my bankruptcy list and then came off it. Everything now has to be fully hardy unless and until I can work out how to add an extra four feet to the greenhouse. Ha! The game is on. I can make a few sixes just out of Edifice 2 (which has a lot more than expected in flower).

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  2. The Star Balsam looks stunning! I have a similar problem with the pixies taking the labels of my plants, although last week I dug up a plant label from something I planted two years ago!

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  3. Your Star Balsam is getting a lot of favourable comments. I must admit that it is new to me and, of course, I will now begin searching high and low for one of my very own. Your frequent mention of the gardens on view in your area make me dream of a long and leisurely visit to see all this for myself. Not this year (or next), but someday. . .

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  4. The name Zaluzianskya ovata sounds exotic and delivers in spades. Poor old Mukdenia is saddled with a terrible name that no marketing person would ever have given it. I grow it, it’s lovely. Which bit of Zaluzianskya is ovate incidentally?

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  5. Wow, like everyone else, your Star Balsam is a stunner… wonderful! I didn’t know it and it will certainly be in the wish list …. 1+ for the pink pointed tulip, an unusual form: it ‘s “charming”

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  6. I love that Star Balsam with the unpronounceable name. It’s very sweet and it’s not surprising so much attention is being paid to it. I hope to see the rogersia in bloom too, as it’s a new one to me.


  7. Wow, except for the osteospermum and tulips, I have grown none of these. I have not grown tulips for many years, and none of my osteopspermums look like yours.


  8. Lovely six, some real little gems and I might have to do some looking up again as the Mukdenia and Zaluzianskya are new to me.


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