Button Moon


Today was my first day working on Button Moon.  It would have been daunting was it not for the omniscient Pickle who guided me in The Ways of the Moon.

  1.  The Pink Pig is not pink nor does it look like a pig.  This is inconsequential.   It is the best toy in the world and belongs to Pickle.
  2. The path down to the lawn is slippery.
  3. The Pink Pig belongs to Pickle, and only Pickle.  Contrary to appearances, it is not a muddy tribble.
  4. Ensure great care is taken when heading down to the lawn, the path is extremely slippery.
  5. You must throw the Pink Pig (neither pink nor porcine) on a regular basis whilst continuing to work or it will be moved to the perfect trip position.
  6. Beware of the slippery path en route to the lawn.
  7. Sometimes, although left at your feet, you will not be allowed to pick up PP, a wrestle must ensue. Pickle is always the winner.
  8. If you are heading to the lawn, be cautious, the path is slippery.
  9. The Pink Pig is Pickle’s great love, even though it wheezes like an asthmatic goat.  Forget this and you might as well forget everything.
  10. Don’t blame me, I told you it was slippery!

I think that was the gist.  Now what was that about the path to the lawn?

15 thoughts on “Button Moon

  1. The favourite toy. Resident cat has “Lumpy” which is a purple rat, I think. It was made for him by a Twitter admirer years ago when RC had a Twitter account and a blog. Lumpy is kept in a drawer in the bedroom. RC opens the drawer and removes Lumpy for a daily play on the bed. Then throws Lumpy to the floor for me to pick up and put back in the drawer until tomorrow. Sometimes “tomorrow” is at 3am when I am also in the bed, asleep. RC has sharp claws. I keep multipacks of plasters beside the bed. Though my path isn’t slippery.

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