A heavy shower has caused me to run for cover, us witches can’t be too careful. Bored after all of two minutes, I thought I would use my enforced captivity to share this little beauty with you. Up until last week I had forgotten what it was called. The fine folk of Twitter knew. They know everything and more. It is Synthris missurica. I will however be referring to this North American wildflower by its common name, kittentails. Naturally.

8 thoughts on “Kittens

  1. There are actually a few plants known as kittentails. We have been considering designating cat tails as our town flower for Los Gatos (the Cats). They happen to have grown wild where the Los Gatos Creek used to form a small marsh where the hills meet the alluvial plain.


  2. As I belatedly comment ,whilst waiting for your SoS post to appear, I could mention my discovery that in the phrase “filial duties” (which I thought sounded better than “daughterly duties”) a synonym for “filial” is “kittenlike”. So I shall henceforth refer to you as Miss Urica.

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