Six on Saturday – The Long Goodbye

It has been a week of fare-thee-wells and packing; a few tears, plenty of reminising and a fair amount of box action. And we are not over quite yet, another week and a bit to go ’til M Day. I’m sure I will be lost for words when we are eventually settled into Nouveau Chez Nous (Fred?). Still all this turmoil is little excuse not to participate in the meme of champions, presided over by The Wizard of Prop and ably supported by multinational team of Munchkins. Time waits for no Munchie so let us proceed or we will never reach the Emerald City in time. Wagons Roll!

First we have Phlomis fruticosa, just coming into flower. I can’t praise this shrub highly enough for its resilience in the face of much torment and torture from wind and rain. It rocks and rolls all winter and then calmly produces a myriad of sunshine blooms. Top marks, my friend.

I am pretty certain that there used to be hyacinths where these flowers are blooming.  They seems a little loose to be hyacinths, but a little full flowered to be the evil Mata Hari known as the Spanish Bluebell.  Can these two related plants hybridise?  Are they Bluecyinths or Hybells?  Should I have a lie down?

There are undeniable signs that the Colquhounia coccinea has survived the winter. I gave a cutting to Jim last year which I believe flowered. This one has never flowered. Bitter? Moi?

Rain sodden strawberry flowers, escapees from the orginal pot, which are thriving jammed between wall stones. Read into that what you may.

If anyone is paying attention they might at this moment be sighing and thinking “what another aquilegia?”. However this one is featured as it is raising its head uncharacteristically in a “come on photograph me” kind of way. It was futile to resist. Either that or it was raining and I was in a hurry and looking for an easy option. You choose.

Lastly, you will have to indulge me once again. The above photo is not from my garden, but from Nancy Nightingale’s. This week was my last visit to her and her crazy garden. We dashed around in the rain, doing what we could whilst I gabbled instruction for the future. Things like “be gentle” and “I’ll be watching”. Digging a hole to plant out one of her many dahlias was enhanced/disrupted by puppy giant Snoop Dog, who admirably assisted me with my excavations. From my prone position, I noticed how he had carefully/fortuitously avoided the marigold with his great big delicious paws.

That is your lot, my friends. Have a good one and stay safe and well.

28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – The Long Goodbye

  1. Not farewell but adieu my lovely gardening friend, I’m looking forward to a future visit and a day out to the Botanical Gardens 🌺💕

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  2. I’ve done a fair bit of moving, and I know how tough it can be – virtual hugs! Am sure things will look as pretty in your new garden as they do here. Have just chopped the fading flowers off my dare-I-say-it Spanish bluebells, possibly the most hated plant in British horticulture? They don’t give me any trouble, maybe because they haven’t found anything to hybridise with yet?

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  3. Bon courage for the move. Dogs just love digging, once they start, but the best place for that sort of the digging is the beach. Very hard to say goodbye to friends, gardens and landscapes….but a new chapter awaits. Big hug, Sis, xx

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  4. Hope the move goes well (keep a bottle handy) and the very best of wishes for your new life. A whole new garden to play with?
    Really sorry that we didn’t get a chance to catch up before you go. Bloody Covid.
    Take care xx

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  5. Another lovely six. Hope the move goes well 😁 This may not be the right time to be asking, but…… will you continue to blog from your pastures new? I do so hope so xxxx

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  6. Beautiful aquilegia. Mine are really lagging behind – not a flower bud to be seen. I often feel a bit miffed when my mother-in-law shows me the plants I’ve given her and I realise they’re bigger and floweryier than mine. Hybells is a great name. Good luck with the move.


  7. Relocating is . . . well, you know. Supposedly, those who enjoy life more move a lot. I get how that works for some and perhaps most, but I do not believe that it applies to everyone. The strawberries have it right.

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      1. I do also, and I wish things could have been more stable. Even if I had never moved, I could have traveled more. (Actually, it seems to me that those who travel and think they enjoy life more tend to ignore where they live.)

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  8. I’m sure there’s a saying about plants being given away and doing better than yours. For now we’ll call it Sod’s Law.

    Personally, I can’t get enough of Aquilegias – even the commoner types. Perhaps that says something about my tastes!

    I hope the move goes well!

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  9. I love phlomis too, and hope to see mine flower someday. I love how the blossoms emerge like magician’s handkerchiefs from the green honeycomb. Your pinkish strawberry blossom is exciting. I wish you a smooth transition and the joy of starting a new garden.

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  10. I think the Aquilegia is splendid too. I am familiar with those Hyacinths; they are common in old cemeteries in the Deep South, called Roman Hyacinths and sold as an heirloom bulb here. My mother had them in her garden. Good luck with the move.

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  11. Send more Aquilegia photos. Never mind what others think!
    Go n-éirí an bóthar leat agus go mbeidh an ghaoth le do dhroim. Irish wish for a journey…. May the road rise with you, and the wind be at your back.

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  12. As someone who has moved a lot during my lifetime I can sympathise or empathise with what’s ahead, but hopefully this is a new adventure and will be full of joys to come. I tend to get bored with my location after about 5 years so a move should be imminent, however I am rather fond of my current location. I wish you well and look forward to your new patch wherever it may be.
    “The Road goes ever on and on…”

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  13. Emotional times in emotional times. Wishing you well. New gardens, new plants, new places and new people. I am sure you will ferret out the lovely ones. Like One man and his trowel I barely have an aquilegia in bud so yours was quite delightful.

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