A Distinct Feeling of ….

Professor Gadget messaged me to say that we would be going to the garden centre to buy compost, top soil and perhaps some wooden stakes. We would not be buying plants. Definitely, without any doubt, not one single pot of herbaceous or woody material would be finding its way into the trolley. I whole-heartedly agreed.Continue reading “A Distinct Feeling of ….”

Back in the Saddle

For those of you who don’t know/don’t remember/don’t care, ever since I became self-employed I have taken January off. I have been known to call it a sabatical, mainly because it sounded like I was doing something useful to further my career, which to be honest was rather misleading. The reasons for this hiatus haveContinue reading “Back in the Saddle”


After a rather fraught couple of weeks/months/year we are trying to recover some semblance of normality. When I say “normality” I mean the best we can do in that department. Generally, it is treacherous to compare oneself to others’ unobtainable standards. Perhaps I should say “our normality”. Unsurprisingly, our new home is in chaos and,Continue reading “Normality”

Green Jumpy Things

Professor Gadget (no dimwit) appears to have an abundance of green jumpy things in his garden. Last week this Incredible Hulk was lurking unabashed on Rosa ‘Wild Edric’. As I struggled, with a cursory hand wipe on my trousers, to grab my camera, he posed and preened, pleading “make sure you get my good side”.Continue reading “Green Jumpy Things”

Introducing Professor Gadget (no dimwit)

Today I’m finding it hard to settle to anything. The weather is ominous, by turns sun and brooding, and the beyond shameful behaviour last night of a few of my homeland’s lesser beings has left a rather unpleasant aura around me. Still the day hasn’t been without successes. Earlier we took a trip to theContinue reading “Introducing Professor Gadget (no dimwit)”