Great Excitement

Today the men are here laying the slab base for my birthday greenhouse. So far it has not been an easy journey down the road to construction. Crazy quotes, broken down vans and lost work days have not endeared me to the process, but still I keep the winning post in sight. The workers arrived early, 7.45 to be precise, which seeing they have come all the way from near Windsor is admirable. True to form they wanted milk with two sugars in their tea, but worryingly refused the chocolate hobnobs. Should I be concerned at their builderly credentials?

Today I should have been constructing hanging baskets in The Prof’s greenhouse. Last week, strictly adhering to his exact and exacting instructions (see above), I planted wall planters with begonias. Lots of them. I lost count after a million. Having witnessing the hanging gardens of South Wales last year, I know that the effort is well worth it and I happily took on the challenge. And PG knows how to keep me happy; plenty of cups of coffee, Echo playing music to sing and dance along to and a pasty break was sustenance enough.

Because of having to rearrange the builders, who could only do the work today or in 2024, The Prof very kindly agreed to swap days, although I fear I will pay for it on Friday. Buster will probably have a grumble too. They love me really.

9 thoughts on “Great Excitement

  1. How exciting to have a birthday greenhouse under construction. Possibly your builders may have fortified themselves with an all you can eat breakfast at a motorway establishment before they got to you. Perhaps they were too full for hobnobs. I bet the packet will be empty before they leave though. πŸ™‚


  2. Clearly English builders work out cheaper. Welsh ones require three sugars (heaped) and sausage rolls (always Greggs). When the edifice is eventually completed, I trust OH will dutifully gift-wrap it and not allow any peeking until your birthday (the one next-following the aforementioned completion).

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