Six on Saturday – Gotcha

It got me in the end. The dreaded Covid. Stopped in my tracks. Unsure quite how, but still, it got me. After two years and several months, I have fallen. And here we are in poorly-land. It will be obvious that, due to my ability to scribble (metaphorically speaking) a spartan blog, I am not desperately ill, and for that I am thankful. Still, there is gardening that can’t be done, gigs not attended, family outings to forgo. Luckily I am surrounded by the warm arms of my family. When I told Peggy she said “Well, at least you’ll have time to turn up the hems of the two pairs of trousers I gave you to alter.” Hopefully all is well with the rest of the gang, pop over to The Prop’s site and all will be revealed. Shall we get on? I’ve got coughing and feeling miserable to get on with.

First we have the annual SoS display of Rhoodohypoxis baurii (or similar). They are looking a real treat at the moment. Joy to my heart.

Next, Viola ‘Molly Sanderson’, a happy discovery in a garden centre bargain bin. I have grown this lovely lady once before and she was lost along the wayside. Yes, friends, I killed her! Possibly best not to mention that fact in front of the new girl.

More joy, in the unlikely form of a greenhouse base. Now I just have to worry that it is in the right place, big enough, the actually greenhouse will turn up, the actual greenhouse putter-upper will bother coming. And breathe.

Onto another newby and perhaps a new obsession. Not that I have room for any more. I love this little nemesia!

One of the great pleasures of the garden is to see the wildlife beginning to use it. What was once a virtual desert is becoming an oasis. This Allium roseum is providing sustenance for both the bee and my tortured soul. I may be getting carried away.

Finally, the most glorious Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’, another rescued rose, but this time from Zeus’ mum in Ilfracombe. I’m feeling better already.

That is that. Tired now. ‘Til next time.

44 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Gotcha

  1. No more room for obsessions? Bah, humbug! Tis writ that, as long as you have any lawn left, you have room! And you’ve got a nice, groovy greenhouse base. Just pop a bed on it and you can sleep outdoors cos fresh air and all that. Get well soon.

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  2. Oh no – just as Wales relaxes the final Covid rules 😦 Wishing you a speedy recovery. Is there a reason for the odd configuration of pavers for the greenhouse base – or just making sure there is enough (and no more) to sit it on? The nemesia is pretty.

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    1. I know! Always late to the party. The configuration was to make the base to size, although I am a little worried it is slightly smaller than the installer requested. I hope there is wriggle room. I’ve message him with dimensions so watch this space …..

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  3. What a bummer! I’m sure that everyone will catch it at some stage now that there are no restrictions or rules (though my local library still insists on mask wearing). Love the Rhoodohypoxis baurii with the raindrops, what a beauty. And that Viola. I don’t seem to be able to keep Violas which is a shame because I love them. Looking at that lovely bas I was wondering whether you are going to create a path around it – cutting the grass is going to be such a pain! Or a border perhaps. With a grapevine planted on the outside, but growing inside…

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    1. The fence side is going to be membraned and graveled I think, the rest I will live with and see what happens. I am guessing border expansion, always border expansion! Loving the grapevine idea, can you get small grapevines?

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  4. Some lovely pictures and your Rhoodohypoxis is a few days ahead of mine. Sorry you caught the lurgy and may you come out the other side soon with all your faculties intact! Rest up, hot chocolate or whatever to console yourself with.

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  5. Oh poor you! Hope himself is waiting on you hand and foot, while you get on with the sewing (tough love from your mum🀣). Lots of lovely plants to brighten your day. Here’s to a swift recovery. Xx

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  6. Wonderful to see your garden beginning to shape up and perform its duties, insects buzzing and revelling. Also terribly exciting about the greenhouse. Quite the change from the small plastic underperforming one. (I had one too, it lasted 5 minutes)

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  7. Oh dear, I do hope you get better soon and that it doesn’t linger too long. What a dramatic colour that viola is. Enjoy your greenhouse, when it appears. Years ago, when I had my first greenhouse (πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸŽŠπŸ˜πŸ₯³) I used to take my morning coffee into it and sit in the warmth looking across the Derbyshire hills nearby. That was in a garden where I used the soil, never seeding or potting compost, and I could dig in it and weed it all year round. Anyway, who needs an easy life, bring on the clay!!! Look after yourself and ignore my ramblings.

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  8. Once again, I’m late in visiting so I hope that by now you are well and truly on the mend, that trousers are hemmed and light gardening duties can be thought about! The Rhoodohypoxis baurii is glorious, I’m off to investigate it further!

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