Staying Positive

This Saturday is the long awaited wedding of my fabulous nephew Adam and his lovely partner Jess. The date has been rearranged twice. There has been much heartache and expectation in the process. Everyone has been looking forward to it for two years. My much-missed younger brother and his family from The Netherlands will be there, my sister-in-law’s family will be arriving from Norway; all celebrating in the amazing surrounds of St Audries Park on the edge of Exmoor. Our room has a four poster bed, chaise longue and views across the immaculate formal garden. The footprint of the bathroom is similar to that of our house and has the deepest slipper bath imaginable. But there is a chance we will not make it.

We are still Covid positive.

There is hope, of course, a couple more days for the dratted line to give up and go home. Twice in a row.

And if I can’t go, I have vowed, like a second class Miss Haversham, to wear my special dress all day and weep into my prosecco. Which we haven’t got, so it will have to be tonic water.

Of course, the last thing we want is to put anyone at risk, and we will stay away if there is any doubt. But I really, really, really, really, really want to be there. What I am asking is for some serious, global entreaties to be sent to the powers that be, in order for us to get there. Perhaps a little communal chanting or some serious visualisation. Are there any witches (white) or wizards close by to cast a spell or two? I’m sure a few of you must have some ethereal clout. Thanking you in anticipation of you doing your very best.

19 thoughts on “Staying Positive

  1. Well I’ve got loads of hag stones hanging up in my garden, so does that make me an honorary witch? In which case I’m casting my very very very special spell for you. So have a wonderful time. Xxx

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  2. I’ll cremate a Ginster’s pasty as an offering to the deities of such things then drop it off to you so you can consume the thoroughly-burnt offering and so consummate the consumption. Buster says he’ll produce something I can mix into it too, tho not till tomorrow morning.

    Failing that, Tippex correction fluid might work?

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  3. I hope you both get go and am crossing my fingers and toes for you. Would organising a non-refundable food delivery (with a no cancelling clause) for lots of nice food for Saturday help invoke Sod’s Law and so get you to the wedding?

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  4. My fingers and toes are really really really really really crossed that you will get the results you need though I can only cross my toes on one foot 😊


  5. It isn’t a duff batch of testing kits? You’ll be very missed if you are not there and in everyone’s thoughts, a mention of you when they are having speeches, but I think that scenario is on the cutting room floor. Hope you make it Sis.

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