Six on Saturday – Windy City

It is always a challenge taking photos on a windy SOS days. Seems obvious when you think about it. Is it blustery/stormy/wild more often? Am I just doing that “when I was a gal” nonsense? Possibly not. An offset to our volatile weather is that we have digital cameras, we can take more photos and at least one should turn out blur free in the tempest. I’m not sure it is enough to save the world. Talking of the world, the whole shooting match is represented, in a Six on Saturday kinda way, over on The Prop’s blog. I would take a look if I were you. Now, all this chuntering isn’t getting the baby bathed, let’s get on.

First we have, now is this nemesia or diascia? I think it is diascia. It was liberated recently from a garden centre Death Row. A week later it is flowering its pretty little head off. Nowt so queer as folk.

Then another donation from Welsh Ann. I’ve never grown Solomon’s seal in my own garden and this big chunk has settled in nicely, just behind the pear tree. No sign of the evil (not to its friends and family) sawfly. Classically beautiful. Just like me. I can hear you sniggering in the cheap seats!

Ever ready to obey orders, and just for Granny, here is a picture of the front of the house. A 2m sliver of hypericum hedge, path and gravel. A very shady spot, it is potted up with Bob’s hostas, ferns and an impatiens, can’t remember which. Under the hedge are some of Prof Gadget’s London Pride and a few begonias. I am undecided about the hedge. There is a short wall behind it and doesn’t really offer any privacy or protection and I am not a great lover of it, for historical reasons. Nothing to do with Henry VIII, we had a lot of it in a former garden and I didn’t like it there either.

We have had a few hitchhikers in some of the larger pots. In one of the acers is a strawberry. I don’t think we will be feasting on Eton Mess any time soon, but it is a start. Quality over quantity.

The Jovenella punctata photo is a little blurry. Not only was it being buffeted about, I was crouching down, trying to share its special little purple and yellow throated flowers, usually the joy of the bee only. It is covered in bloom at the moment, I am very fond of it. Which is possibly why I haven’t planted it out yet. It is a little tender and I am especially protective of it.

Finally, the joyful ranunculus, inspired by their anemone neighbours, are making a fine showing. I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but the orange is quite a beauty.

That is your lot my lovelies, see you in the gloaming. Except JK, I’ll see you Tuesday. Unless you are hiding from me again.

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Windy City

  1. Weather can be odd, eh? Whilst you, in east-central South Wales, had wind, here, in west-central South Wales (actually the Feline’s Democratic Republic of Busterland), hardly a breeze. That strong curry you had may explain the difference.

    We did get an unexpected downpour tho. A few hours after I’d hung out the washing on a bright, sunny morning. And gone out shopping. Without a coat.

    But I sheltered in a store and bought a t-shirt so I had something dry to wear.

    No need to hide. I’ll keep you under control with Buster’s toy-on-a-string. Just replace the toy with a pasty and you’ll play for ages.

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  2. I was bowled over by the opening banner of bright pink. That Diascias gave me a punch, I now have stars buzzing around. Maybe a quiet sit down under the hedge before it gets dug up for a while to recover. Have a good week Sis

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  3. Thank you. A very healthy selection of plants in your front garden. At my previous house, the caterpillars munched through the Solomon’s Seal very quickly after they started flowering. This year🤞 fine so far.

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  4. I think it’s definitely breezier these days! I can understand why you’re protective of the Jovenella punctata – it’s lovely. I’m a bit envious of your Ranunculus. Apart from the first year I grew them (which I now realise was beginners luck) they refuse to grow for me for some reason.

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  5. I love the Jovenella punctata – it is on my list. And Ranunculus which I keep forgetting to order. This year! I am surprised how healthy looking those hostas are in Welsh Wales!

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  6. The Jovenella punctata is a new acquisition to me in the garden. I bought one at a plant fair about 3 weeks ago and planted it in the ground, in the shade. It seems to like the place that I have chosen so don’t hesitate to plant yours. I’ve seen it withstand -5° so maybe I’ll lift it up for next winter. I could actually present it soon too.

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  7. Those rananculus are so pretty! We tried a few this year, along with a few anemone. Neither was my idea, although I do happen to be very fond of both. Unfortunately, they do not perform well here. Their bloom was brief, but got shabby quick.

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  8. Oh my goodness, I was knocked out by the Diascia but then came more beauty in the shape of Jovellana. Mr G tells me it’s also known as the teacup flower. (I’m frequently having to go to him when commenting on NH posts) I completely understand why you’re so fond of it. What a delight.
    Ranunculus are a mainstay of my spring garden, but many of them are white. The orange one is a vibrant beauty.

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