The Sublime and The Ridiculous

Yesterday I worked in two new gardens and a more diverse pair would be hard to find.

First I visited a glorious country barn conversation with gardens full of fine shrubs and grasses and for the most part well tended. The above photo shows the view over the wall. Whilst cutting back and I found 3 plastic eggs, each containing a chocolate. It was possible they had been left for me, a welcome gift and perhaps a little bribery. It was more likely that the children of the house are not very good at Easter egg hunts. I resisted the temptation and carefully replaced them where I had found them. It was a very satisfying mornings work and I will be returning soon. Hopefully, it will become a regular things.

My second visit was to a housing association bungalow with fake grass, gravel, an assortment of interesting statues and lots of pots, some empty, some full. “I’m very good at gardening” my elderly client told me. Later, after I had planted the empties, pulled and pushed the others planters about and then returned them to their original positions, rearranged slightly disturbing child sculptures, all under the instruction of Old Lady Number Two, we had a cuppa. “I like you, you are my friend” she told me. “I like you too” I replied. This will not be a regular job. I am not sure I could cope.

Two gardens, so different from each other, but both fun, in their own special way.

4 thoughts on “The Sublime and The Ridiculous

  1. Wot!!!!? You left chocolate? Don’t those in your profession encourage interchange between clients? Swap a plant from one to another and something from another to one? An opportunity missed!

    Though not with fake grass. The word “artificial” is not in my lexicon.

    Go back and check for hidden pasties.

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    1. Ha! I nearly fell over when I saw the plastic, such a bigbear of mine. She was such a sweetheart, I couldn’t begrudge her. I think I have persuaded her to replace the plastic flowers. Small steps 😁


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