You’re Fab

This is a sad post. A friend has died. I wish I could make this untrue. I wish I could soothe the pain it has caused. But I can’t. All I have is meagre words; I will use them the best I can. Let’s not make this a gloomy post, let us say to the world “she was a good ‘un” and “she will be missed”. And she was. And she will be.

And let me say the words I should have said to her.

Bonnie was challenged by this world in a way few are. In spite and despite these battles, she carved an indelible etching of creativity and joy as she travelled through life. She was brave and talented and dynamic and funny and strong and fierce and kind. She was my friend. She was ambitious; the only way was big and beautiful and crazy. She was scarily modest. She was both charming and disarming, which is a lucky rhyme. She was soft-hearted and hard as a smooth round pebble that gives you comfort when you reach for it in your pocket. She was passionate and funny, did I say funny already? She was doubly funny. She was inventive and practical and artistic and worked stuff out. She was lovely, pure and simple. She was many things I wish I could be and know I never can be.

Bonnie was undoubtedly a good ‘un and to say she will be missed just scratches the surface of truth. And she loved Wagon Wheels. There is nothing more to say.

16 thoughts on “You’re Fab

  1. A lovely tribute to a dear friend. Whilst she can’t read your words, I like to think she can read your thoughts. And know how much she was loved and is now missed. As long as you remember her, she’ll never be far away. xx

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  2. Friends are so special and I’m sure she was well aware of how you felt about her even if you hadn’t spoken the words. Actions speak louder than words. Sending hugs. Xxx

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  3. Deepest sympathies Gill, I also lost the dearest of friends earlier this year and know how it feels. Like Bonnie, Cath was a good ‘un and will be much missed. I was so lucky to have had her friendship for so many years. We will both have many happy memories to help us onwards. Love and hugs, xxx

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