A Distinct Feeling of ….

Professor Gadget messaged me to say that we would be going to the garden centre to buy compost, top soil and perhaps some wooden stakes. We would not be buying plants. Definitely, without any doubt, not one single pot of herbaceous or woody material would be finding its way into the trolley.

I whole-heartedly agreed. It has been suggested to me, by The Honourable OH and legal co-owner of my our garden, that all waifs and strays should find their feet in the soil before any more purchases were made.

I can’t even say we tried very hard.

10 thoughts on “A Distinct Feeling of ….

  1. Of course, the compost and topsoil occupied 2 more trolleys. Which you haven’t featured. Just so people know we DID buy what we intended. That one or two plants, and some packs of bulbs, fell into the third trolley is just something that plants do, as all gardeners know.

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  2. Ha ha ha!,, Looney!!!! What a surprise. I just went out for a box of screws and came back with a bag of compost…so I’ve got no room to talk😂❤️😂🥰🥰🥰

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