It was pasty time at Professor Gadget’s. We were having our usual lunchtime conversation “I’m definitely not buying any more plants, I’m so over plant buying” “No, I’m not either, no way, no how!”, when a humongous crash came from the kitchen. A moment later a bird crashed to the ground outside the breakfast room doors and swiftly took flight again. “What the ….?!” we both cried.

The Prof bravely investigated and found no sign of bird, injured or otherwise. However, the perpetrator had left a spectral calling card on the kitchen window. Prime suspect is the local sparrowhawk, chasing prey and over-shooting the mark. Although, to be honest, the mugshot looks more like a splattered pigeon to me. Whoever it might be, I am certain it will have a sore head today!

10 thoughts on “Spectre

  1. The worst thing about that bird was that the surprise bang made us both forget that we’d resolved not to buy any more plants and so…….

    Just for the record, you ended your exclamation of surprise with dots. I belatedly apologise for my somewhat different ending!

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  2. Or Pigs given that your ‘oath’ not to buy more plants! We must have some strong glass even with pigeons. We often have smaller birds fly into the windows, leaving all the dust as a reminder on the window. Clever you for taking such a good picture. Must say you have ended in with a good billet what with the pasties and all! Is John your boss now? Hope he prizes your entertainment value as well as your gardening knowledge, and skills with the trowel.

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