Introducing …..

Yesterday was my inaugural day on a new job. The one with dogs and a blank canvas. It is always a bit daunting, starting over. Does one ever get over that “first day of school” feeling? Still, there was no reason to be worried. It was a good day. Shall we examine the clues?

A clear sky was a harbinger of delight, with no threat of rain on the horizon. This was contrary to the previous day which was gloom and heavy mizzle. A frisson of optimism permeated.

He had lined out his tools in a very orderly manner. Obviously a man on a mission.

I was greeted with coffee, always a way to my heart. Yes, this could be good.

Then he showed me the two new compost bins he had constructed in the week since my last visit. Rock on!

Unfortunately the pixies had not sorted the lawn out in my absence. To call it threadbare would be a compliment. This is going to be our biggest challenge. On the estate, where plastic-not-so-fantastic rules the roost, it is widely considered impossible to keep a lawn, citing the dreaded clay as the culprit. True, the soil is clay, but look around you folk, all the common areas have grass that is doing quite nicely thank you very much. My guess is that the ground has been compacted by mega machines during the construction process, top soil stripped and turf laid on top. Not ideal. In this garden, my new client sensibly laid a layer of top soil before seeding the area. It thrived for a year before its downfall. I think compaction is the problem. So we are going to aerate, add lawn sand and resow with a grass mix specifically for clay and waterlogged conditions. Then I am hoping-upon-hoping that the naysayers will be proved wrong and that the abomination of all things pure and true, artificial grass, can be bannished from the planet for ever. OK, perhaps I am getting a little carried away, but you get my point. Any top tips or helpful hints will be gratfully accepted.

We made a great start, creating the first new bed of the garden. We are going to work with what we have, using plants suited to these conditions. I have high hopes.

Oh yes, and we need a name for this new addition to my blogging world. For once I let him chose his own. The Vegan Cop. I like it.

12 thoughts on “Introducing …..

  1. I see he has a mattock. Great for digging quickly through clay until the hole is deep enough to bury the body ๐Ÿ˜. And the ability to direct ensuing enquiries in another direction. I wonder, do they make vegan Cornish pasties?

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      1. Yes, we did, and many people complained that there were too many questions about compaction and water-logged soils, it’s not a popular topic! Results for the first set of exams are due in April, meanwhile a few more to study for…

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  2. Are the dogs rowdy on the lawn? Okay, I know that you would have considered that. I am just asking because I have seen a few lawns that get worn through by active dogs, but the residents do not figure it out.

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