After a rather fraught couple of weeks/months/year we are trying to recover some semblance of normality. When I say “normality” I mean the best we can do in that department. Generally, it is treacherous to compare oneself to others’ unobtainable standards. Perhaps I should say “our normality”.

Unsurprisingly, our new home is in chaos and, although desperate to get out there, I haven’t raised a finger in the garden which is looking bare and deadly dull. We have transported only a smidgeon of our plants from Mum’s house. Peggy supergluing most of the pots to the patio hasn’t helped. The washing machine is a casualty, although to be honest it was a bit ropey before storage and possibly gave up the will to live in the almost 5 months it was in a crate. Our clarion call is “do you know where ***** is?”. “No” is invariably the answer. Greeted by a growl. Amongst those missing in action are the hair-dryer, Tufty the squirrel, my shoplifting coat and all the litter bins. But on the plus side, I have rediscovered my hardhat, Minion lunchbox and my purple and lime green furry pencil case.

A large leap forward on the road to stability, was a return to work and to the garden of the indefatigable Professor Gadget and his faithful sidekick, Buster. I found both in fine fettle and was treated with the respect that I have become dependent on, ie none whatsoever. It was good to be back.

20 thoughts on “Normality

  1. Yes, good that you are back, and your wonderful sense of humour may well have stood you in good stead. May you loose things you did not really want, and find something better instead.

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  2. So glad that you are moved in and hope all the boxes and possessions are sorted soon and it starts to feel like Home Sweet Home for you both πŸ’•

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  3. Glad you’re both getting settled and are managing to find the important things! You both might like to know that CM trust is in the process of gifting the manor & grounds to the National Trust. Not quite finalised yet but looks almost certain to go through. All the best from me & Jan.

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