The Unforgotten – Furry

Inspired by Lisa the Compulsive Gardener’s curiousity, I have decided to embark on a new mini-series.  Quite how mini remains to be seen.  The theme is The Unforgotten, which isn’t quite as dramatic as it might sound. Basically, it will involve me unpacking tat which has been in storage for the past 5 months.  These seemingly, or quite probably, inocuous objects will have a story, mundane or thrilling.  That is the jeopardy.

We will begin with the purple and lime green furry pencil case mentioned in my last post.  Here it is in all its glory.  I have a small thing about stationary, I know I am not alone in this. There is most probably a word for love of office-ware. If not perhaps we should invent one before it is too late. In an increasingly paperless world the days of multi-coloured paper clips, neon highlighters and novelty pencil sharpeners may be numbered. And although I celebrate the preservation of the tree I mourn the passing of the decorative ring binder.  I bought this pencil case perhaps 20 years ago, just I was about to embark on an Open University foundation course.  The reason I chose this particular item is unclear.  To impress my fellow scholars, to comfort my nerves, perhaps it was the pencil case I had wanted as a child but never got? Whatever the reason, I still consider it to have been a sterling choice. And it still brings a smile to my face.

21 thoughts on “The Unforgotten – Furry

  1. I cannot believe this! We are definitely sisters in another zone. The love of Stationery: I still have my hole punch which I purchased in the Sixth Form, and I too am a past student of the OU. You cannot believe how I have looked and looked for my stapler remover over the last few weeks, I wanted to find the original but will have to go and get a new one.

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  2. OMG I LOVE IT 😻❣️ Thank you so much for gratifying my intense desire to see this marvel! It’s truly magnificent! 😃 So kind of you to make my day with this! ☺️ I look forward to other wonders surfacing from your treasure chests. 🪄

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