Unforgotten – Not a Plate

The unpacking has slowed to a snail’s pace. The initial enthusiasm has dwindled with promises for New Year and a fresh start. Possibly with fingers crossed. There is one thing, or rather four, that I would really like to find. Our best plates for Christmas dinner. Today I had another heave ho ho ho andContinue reading “Unforgotten – Not a Plate”

Unforgotten – Bludgeon

Everyone knows the necessity of a stick companion whilst walking in the woods. A good stick is a vital part of any expedition. A stick is needed to prod things, to offer support on tricky descents, to arrange at arms length. A stick is necessary to Gandalf a little, to swish, or to brandish. ThereContinue reading “Unforgotten – Bludgeon”

Unforgotten – Portrait of a Young Girl

Something that became overtly apparent when we were packing up to move is that we have a great deal of everything. Too much. Including pictures. Too many. Oils, water colours, prints and mixed media; landscape, still life, abstract. Although we had no more wall space, for a long time I yearned for a portrait. NotContinue reading “Unforgotten – Portrait of a Young Girl”

Unforgotten – Tick Tock

In the summer months, when visitors prowl the streets with eager purses, there was an infrequent car boot sale on the rugby pitch across the road from our house. It wasn’t a Ming vase, lost Turner masterpiece type of event, more a broken toys and scary ornaments affair. Still, as it wasn’t far, we usedContinue reading “Unforgotten – Tick Tock”

The Unforgotten – Furry

Inspired by Lisa the Compulsive Gardener’s curiousity, I have decided to embark on a new mini-series.  Quite how mini remains to be seen.  The theme is The Unforgotten, which isn’t quite as dramatic as it might sound. Basically, it will involve me unpacking tat which has been in storage for the past 5 months.  TheseContinue reading “The Unforgotten – Furry”