Tulbaghia violacea – Society Garlic

Tulbaghia violacea

Mrs Bun volunteers at Marwood Hill Gardens.  A noble occupation.  A wonderful garden.

When she first started I said “and don’t you come back here saying Mr Head Gardener says this and that and you shouldn’t be doing that and you should be doing this and it is unnatural to chastice or serenade your plants!”.  She hasn’t.  I do sometimes wonder if she is thinking it.  Best not dwell on the subject.

Marwood has several National Plant Collections, tulbaghia is one of them.  This example in Mrs B’s garden flowers for months on end, no trouble, no back-chat, no chasticing or serenading necessary.

14 thoughts on “Tulbaghia violacea – Society Garlic

  1. I agree about Thulbaghia, although I don’t have the rather fetching pink one. It is one plant in my garden that can manage with zero attention. I know it can be a bit smelly, but what it lacks in perfume, it more than makes up for in hardiness.


  2. What am I doing wrong? I have the purple one with variegated leaves, ‘Silver Lace’ for memory. Hasn’t bloomed in two years. I have two in pots. Given that it’s a bit tender. Divided last year. Currently sunk (still in pots) in flower bed. Will be hauled out again in autumn and overwintered in the greenhouse.

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    1. This one has over wintered very happily outside in Mrs Bun’s garden in Georgeham. Quite well drained and not especially fertile soil. Happy as Larry! Perhaps try one outside and keep a safety net inside?


  3. I bought a tulbaghia at Marwood Hill, I molly-coddle mine, in a pot in the greenhouse, it looks as if it might put up a few flower shoots soon. Very pretty when it does. Do you think Rusty Duck and I should chance it and chuck ours in the garden?

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      1. It would not be your fault. I might just leave it in case the pheasants take a liking to it. They just love my Aliums and Penstemmon ‘Husker’s Red’.

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