Weeds and Wildflowers


One of my first tasks on Button Moon was to pick out the weeds from a sowing of wildflowers.  I was stumped.  Wildflowers.  Weeds.  Aren’t they the same thing?  I was worried that my dumbfounded look was not impressing my new employers.  Pickle the Jack Russell looked disappointed at my reticence.  The silence was awkward.

Inaction was not an option.  I did my best. We decided that the perennials were a disaster, mostly nasturtium and dandelion.  The annuals more promising.  Some were obvious, I shimmied around others.

This linum survived, as did many others.  All beauties, none of them weeds, as few of us are in our mothers’ eyes.


6 thoughts on “Weeds and Wildflowers

  1. Always a question for a wildflower border; like with the beauty, it’s in the eyes of the beholder to decide which are the ‘weeds’ 🙂

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