Rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun.  To someone with a dodgy zip on their waterproof, this has been very irritating.  Obviously we are talking about “me” here, not the bee thingy in the photo, which is definitely more photogenic than me fiddling with my anorak.  But then you wouldn’t have made that mistake, would you …….? Surely not!

12 thoughts on “Repeat

  1. Forget the zip thing. Get thee a sewing needle, some thread and a reel of Velcro. And a sombrero. Damned good umbrella. You may look silly wearing it but then ……. 😉


      1. They are not really terrifying to those of us who are out of the way. They are a normal part of life here. A few years ago, I could see three big plumes of smoke around my home, to the east, west and north. All three fires were only a few miles away. My area had burned twice in the 1950s. I would be totally bummed if my home burned, but I must accept the risk in order to live here.

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