Venus Fly Trap

Torrington Tina came a-calling this morning.  After a nifty about turn, we headed off along the coast road, bound for Combe Martin.  We parked in the car park above the beach where the waves were heaving white and headed off to seek adventure.  Which was possibly a little optimistic as CM was mainly shut.  However we found a fine bakery with a small cafe attached and drank coffee and chatted without repetition or hesitation for an hour and a half.  It was wonderful.  As we left TT bought Mr TT a sticky bun.  I bought my OH nothing because, as of today, we are on a healthy eating regime.  It was a kindness.

Yesterday was OH’s birthday and, amongst an assortment of other things, I bought him a Venus Fly Trap.  Although he didn’t say so, I couldn’t help but feel that he was underwhelmed by this gift.  I can’t think why, Venus is the goddess of love after all.  This fact may have been lost on him.  I can’t be certain, but he may well be thinking that TT is much better in the present department.

24 thoughts on “Venus

  1. Don’t tell OH but Mr TT was the recipient of 2 chocolate crispies, his favourite. He has enjoyed one and is saving the other for tomorrow, very restrained!

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  2. I have to say just a tiny Venus Fly ? 🙂 It would be interesting to see what you will get for your birthday! We go with the policy that each is responsible for its own present – no complaints this way 🙂


      1. Probably more than I do! This one has a flower spike on it, which I thought was a good thing when I bought it. When I looked on line some optimistic soul has written that you shouldn’t let them flower but if it has got as far as a spike you might as well let it do its thing, it will die anyway. Think it might be a transitory member of our family …… 🙂

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