A Short Hike

My mind has been on overdrive.  Not bad thoughts, just a noisy constant irritating chatter that I can’t seem to tame.  I am having trouble getting to sleep and waking late with a headache.   This will not do.  Sleep is my specialist subject, I have never had trouble with it before.  The number one suspect is lack of exercise.  Although I have been trying to get out and about, going for short but leisurely walks, I fear these have not been enough.

This morning I did a little yoga, trying very hard to silence the nattering, with limited success.  Then after lunch I set off on my own, intent on striding up and around Hillsborough, the rugged hill between ourselves and the sea.  Both ancient hill fort and nature reserve, we are very lucky to have it almost literally on our doorstep.  It was chilly, with intermittent blusters of rain, but long before I had got to the top I rued wearing quite so many clothes.   Three quarters of an hour later I stepped back in the house, flushed and thirsty.  Good medicine.

16 thoughts on “A Short Hike

  1. Lack of exercise and fresh air are big factors in sleep disturbance, especially for us outdorsie people! It will all get better when you’ll be back on your (both) feet 🙂


  2. Your writing has seemed to be somewhat subdued. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I know better than that. I just mean that it does not quite invoke the fear of a yellow boot like it did before the injury.


  3. Any change in routine can have an impact on our body clock. Yoga and a good blast of fresh air will hopefully reset it soon – don’t fret pet, especially about the teasels. How are you this morning?


  4. Great that you are walking again. Insomnia is a plague, I’ve suffered with it for years. You lie there with the mind going round and round on endless loops. Hope the exercise and yoga works.


    1. Thanks, I’m sorry to hear that you suffer from insomnia, it must be so frustrating for you. I wonder: should I read some more of my boo, get up and do something, have a cup of tea, but just lie there working out what I would do with £1million if I had it and other really useful things!


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