Back to Work

Pulmonaria offinalis

Apart from a rather dodgy, frankly terrifying in parts, but then I am a scaredycat, journey to work, today was everything I could wish for a first day back to work.

Lord Mantle picked me and my tools up from the car park at the top of the road where we marvelled at the views across the channel to the snow topped Brecons.  We spent a sun blessed morning pruning apple trees and roses, distributing the garden compost I had sorted on my last visit (many moons ago) and reaquainting ourselves.

On the way home I popped by to hatch plans with co-conspirators on a yet-to-be-confessed event being held in a couple of weeks time.  After wandering around a star filled garden, in fine company, escorted by a handsome tabby, I returned home.  The slush and ice had mainly thawed and the demon low sun has risen enough to enhance not to blind.

All was well.

15 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. I’m glad your first day back went well, but I’m wondering about the dodgy in parts terrifying bit of the day.


  2. Sweet! You got back to work more efficiently than I did. I pulled a muscle in a most embarrassing manner, and have been hurting for weeks because I have not been resting it like I should.


      1. It is a slow process. It coincides with getting sicker than I have ever been. It was not like I was severely sick, but it lasted for such a long time; since Christmas Eve! I am still coughing, which is painful with the pulled muscle!


      2. I should have known better. The last thing that went though my mind before pulling the muscle was, “Perhaps I should not be doing this in my current conditions.”. However, I only got as far as, “Perhaps I should not . . . “, when the muscle tore!

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