Fair Weather

Just to put you at your ease Lady Mantle, I will not be naming names.  All I am going to say is that after tea break only one person returned with me out into the garden, into the deluge and the storm and battled the ferocious monsters that had been summoned up by the weather gods.  And one other person stayed inside pretending to be busy.

No names, Lady Mantle, you are quite safe from retribution.

10 thoughts on “Fair Weather

  1. I trust that, in the spirit of equity and fair play to which I know you subscribe*, you will offer Lady M a chance to respond, perhaps in a guest post entitled “Our Gardener”.

    * Your subscription does not apply in the event of free seeds being offered anywhere near you.

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      1. And, of course, if Ms H dares to reject or censor your contribution, I’d be happy to oblige on my blog. Tho if you intend to tell ALL, it’s going to be a VERY long post! 😉

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