Monster Munch

This is Max’s Echium candicans.  To my knowledge it has eaten one persicaria, one cistus and a salvia and is well on its way to consuming an evergreen azalea.   Come to think of it, I haven’t seen next door’s chihuahua for a while ……..

This Pride of Madeira has grown into a monster in just four years, from a small cutting acquired (legitimately, before you ask) from a friend’s garden just up the road.  It is spectacular and scary in equal measure, and is of course extremely attractive to both human and pollinator.  A humming monument.

18 thoughts on “Monster Munch

  1. Uh, I thought PoM was biennial. But then “candicans” means bright or shining white, depending on which edition of Latin Plant Name Derivations you own. Clearly this fine plant is neither.


    1. Echium pininana is the bi- or even triennial echium. That is Giant Viper’s Bugloss by the RHS but not by me. I call it big tall echium. This is even better in real life. I tried to get Max to pose by it for scale, but he wasn’t having any of it. Too many sticks to find and seagulls to chase.


  2. Wow, it is beautiful. I can’t grow Echiums anymore because my dog kept eating them and became quite ill. I miss the drama they bring to the garden.


  3. Echium wildpretii or something like it naturalized along Highway 1 on the coast of San Mateo county. It gets so tall that old dead stalks can reach onto the highway when they fall over. They look silly but totally cool.

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  4. My neighbour has one of the big tall echiums in his front yard, I may grab some seeds when it flowers/seeds and scatter them at the back of my garden in the hedgerow. Beats the darn hogweed which loves to seed in my borders! I like this multi- stemmed version, guessing it is not as tall?

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  5. I tried to grow an Echium, it was doing so well and then we had the Beast From The East – and it perished.
    Presumably Max’s survived that cold spell.


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